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The 21st Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop (CLSW2020)

Panel Sessions

Lexical Semantics in Chinese Linguistics  
Prof. Xiufang Dong, Peking University 汉语单双音节对应词的功能差异及释义问题
Prof. Rui Guo, Peking University “比”字句中的“还”的语义作用
Prof. Chaofen Sun, Stanford University Culmination in Focus: The Chinese Perfective 了
Prof. Hongyin Tao, University of California, Los Angeles Amelioration and Degradation of Neutral Terms: A usage-based account
Prof. Zhenhua Wang Shanghai Jiao Tong University 从动性、质性到物性:对比英汉两种语言的名物化语言现象
Computational Lexical Semantics  
Prof. Weiwei Sun, Peking University Annotating Learner Texts
Dr. Wenqiang Lei, National University of Singapore Towards Computing Contextual Lexical Contrast: Cont2Lex Corpus, Recognition benchmarks, and Preliminary Analyses
Prof. Weidong Zhan, Peking University 构式的表征与语料标注 —— 现代汉语构式数据资源建设中的基本问题
Dr. Simon Smith, Coventry University Corpus-based lexical tasks for the Mandarin classroom
Prof. Benjamin T'sou, City University of Hong Kong Revisiting syllabicity issues in the Chinese language from a Big Data approach
Formal Approaches to Lexical Semantics  
Dr. Mingming Liu, Tsinghua University Pragmatics and meanings of function words: wh-phrases and universal quantification in Mandarin
Prof. Zheng Xu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Chinese Nominal Compounds in the Parallel Architecture and Conceptual Semantics
Prof. Haihua Pan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong The semantics of Mandarin dou revisited
Prof. Stephen Wechsler, The University of Texas at Austin The Emergence of Argument Structure
Prof. Beibei Xu, Huazhong Agricultural University Pluractionality: What Mandarin yizai and zaisan can tell us
Chinese Language Acquisition, Teaching, and Testing (Session A)  
Prof. Xiaolu Wang, Zhejiang University The Effect of Salience on Chinese Pun Comprehension: A visual world paradigm study
Prof. Yongping Zhu, University of Notre Dame Function and Structure: A Discussion about teaching BA sentences in lower level Chinese
Prof. Chih-p'ing Chou, Princeton University 争千秋,不争朝:为港台语文政策和对外汉语进一言
Prof. Chengzhi Chu, University of California, Davis 编写面向国际汉语教育的理想词典的若干思考
Prof. Lening Liu, Columbia University in the City of New York 构式语法与语体语法:汉语作为二语教学的角度
Chinese Language Acquisition, Teaching, and Testing (Session B)  
Prof. Yanli Zhang, Shanghai International Studies University 汉语水平考试(HSK)考教学一体化研究—以HSK的反拨效应为例
Dr. Yuet Hung Cecilia Chan, City University of Hong Kong Design of the multimedia platform for dyslexic children in Hong Kong learning Chinese characters
Prof. Xianwen Cao, Nanjing University 任务构思条件对汉语二语口语产出中词汇丰富性的影响
Dr. Shuiying Yao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Is it the L1 or L2 Effect in L3 Learning? - A case study of the acquisition of Mandarin aspect marker LE by Hong Kong college students
Dr. Linda Tsung, The University of Sydney Exploring the deep processing strategies of Chinese as second language learners
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