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The 21st Chinese Lexical Semantics Workshop (CLSW2020)




Online Realtime Free-of-Charge ZOOM Conference 在线实时会议免会费

March 23, 2020

In view of the ongoing coronavirus outbreaks and the unforeseeable risk of international travels, NEW decisions and arrangements have been made for CLSW2020 as follows:


  • Conference Format and Date: CLSW2020 will be held ONLINE with REALTIME presentations on the originally scheduled dates from May 28th to 30th, 2020.

  • Conference Fee and Registration: CLSW2020 has decided NOT to charge any registration fee and offers free participation as a token of appreciation and encouragement in the midst of pandemic. Please note, however, online registration is strictly required for ALL participants in order to properly manage Zoom attendance. The registration link will be provided on the CLSW2020 website from April 10th to 25th, allowing the participation of general public.

    会议费和大会注册:在此疫情肆虐之艰难时期,CLSW2020已决定不收取任何会议费,以表示对与会同仁的欢迎,愿与大家共克时艰。但所有参会者均必须提前注册报名。注册链接将于4月10日至25日在CLSW2020网站主页公布, 敬请留意。
  • Keynote Speeches and Panel Discussions: Both keynote speeches and panel sessions will be held online through real-time Zoom meetings, allowing real-time interaction between the speakers and online audiences. Detailed information for the 6 internationally renowned keynote speakers and 4 panel discussions can be found on the conference website (https://clsw2020.lt.cityu.edu.hk).

  • Oral/Poster Presentation: Pre-recorded Video Clips and PPTs
    All oral presentations will be replaced by pre-recorded video clips. Posters will be replaced by PowerPoint files. ALL materials will be uploaded on the conference site for online views. A written space for Q&As will be provided for interactions of the authors and participants.

  • Online Proceedings and Post-Conference LNAI Publication: as originally planned CLSW2020 proceedings of all accepted papers and posters will be available online. A post-conference LNAI volume of selected papers will be published by Springer.

    会议论文集和会后征稿:依照原计划 所有被录取的论文都会收录在CLSW2020在线论文集中。大会主页将提供该论文集的在线版本。会议结束后,Springer将出版精选论文集。

CLSW2020 aims to provide an international, high-quality, and open platform for academic exchanges. You are cordially invited to take an active part in the free-of-charge, real-time interactive conference. We hope that the new arrangement of online participation would create and ensure more opportunities for sparkling thoughts and stimulating interactions in Lexical Semantics, AI, and Cognitive Science. During the specially challenging times, we wish you peace, joy and health and look forward to welcoming you in the online conference!


CLSW2020 Organizing Committee
Department of Linguistics and Translation
City University of Hong Kong

CLSW2020组委会全体 敬上

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